My Heart Caves in When I Look at You

So here is how my day went today at the Born Legends signing :)

I was with my little brother and his friend. We get there about 10 a.m. and there is only 2 girls in front of us we were like alright! then like 30 mins later another 2 girls join them, we were like whatever only 4 people ahead. After about an hour of waiting Josh brings us some monsters. Then to kill time my brother decided to bring out a spongebob coloring book. We were so bored we didn’t even color inside the lines we just colored crazy shit. Few hours pass by, all of a sudden the 4 people ahead turn into a family of like 15 people! I was like alright that is ridiculous. Then an hour later they finally gave our papers for the raffle and a little boy won :) then at 2 p.m the signing started and I was surprised at how little people were there. Anyways after that huge family it was my group’s turn to go in. David said Hi to us (and of course I’m nervous) Right when he told me he liked my shirt I was getting my phone ready and my hand spazzed out which made me drop it in front of him and he told me sorry for him causing that and I told him it’s cool aha. So my little brother went up first and showed him the craziest picture we colored and he could not stop laughing and said it was cool! Even though he looked kinda scared at it haha. Then I ask him to sign my Hello Fascination booklet and we take a picture. Then everyone else in my group took a picture. After that I bought a Schmitt Faced shirt, then got a Since Day One Shirt for free. Kyle was hanging outside and we were just waiting to get a picture and sign some stuff. Then my little brother and I were like hey let’s have him sign our picture we colored too! So when he gets to us he told us our coloring is badass when we showed him it and asked him to sign it, instead he asked us if we had colors and we were like yeah we do. He tells us to give him the crayons and then he finds a picture he wants to color and he sat on the floor with our crayons and actually took his time coloring! He stood inside the lines and everything haha. Then he hands it back to my brother and we told him thank you. It took us awhile to get a picture but we all ended up getting a few actually! He kept on hugging us and saying thanks for coming out. Then we hung around and everything started to die out and we were wondering where our ride was, and our ride took so long like a few hours and it was only us three. David stayed around during that time and he came up to us asking if we were okay or if we needed anything. The food place didn’t really want people to go to their bathroom so David let us use the one at the store. Then another hour passes by David comes out for a cigarette and he asked us if we were okay and if we were stranded, we told him we were fine, our ride just lives far. He said okay, just making sure. Then all of the people that are hanging out with them come outside and talk for like an hour or so. They ended up going back inside and David was finishing his cigarette, then he goes in real quick and comes back out to talk to us. He said he would have hung out with us and everything if he knew we would be there for so long but we told him it’s okay. So he decides to hang out for a bit with us and he told us thank you so much for coming out even though we live far, and he said he was so grateful for everyone that came out and that he was so happy and how happy he was with his own clothing line since it is just his. We told him we were waiting in line forever and big fans and he called us troopers and he kept telling me he liked my shirt aha. He asked us if we got a Since Day Once shirt, I told him I got one but not my brother and friend. He asked for their sizes, went to the back and then he said all they had was larges left, but still gave them the shirt. Then we were all having a normal conversation about how cute the little dog is they have and how he loves jewelry and other random things. He also mentioned a show coming up in Cali and that they are planning a summer tour with We the Kings. Then after that he said he had to go because his friends and him are going somewhere, Then he asked one last time if we are okay and for sure have a ride, and we said that we are fine. So he gave us all hugs and told us thank you so much and that being there just meant a lot to him. About an hour later our ride finally comes then we head home. All in all, today was great :)

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